Monday, October 24, 2011

:: HEART ::

Its just bout heart..too hard talk about heart or love.
i know evryone have a love.. have their own story. it is right my dear?
same goes to me. have my own story bout love.. yeahhh..hehehehe
you fall for someone once in a while for a reason.. its isn't just just random.. most of the time, that relationship teaches something.Teaches us to be trusting, to be not trusting, to be loyal, to be caring, to let go, to hold on, to move on, to speak out, to forget, to remember, to heal... or, if you're lucky, to love.....
and the things we take from those relationships are part of what makes them all worth let your heart skip a beat, let a swarm of butterfly's into you stomach, let yourself feel totally and utterly happy, at least for a moment you will live, you will maybe love and you will learn.

The truth is, we're all afraid of getting hurt. Some of us just deal with it differently than others.Some of us convince ourselves we don't care.Others isolate themselves.A couple of us push the other person away.And there are those who hurt others in an attempt to prevent it from happening to them.But you know what? You've got to take that chance. Because all of us WILL get hurt and all of us will have BEEN hurt at some point in our lives. So what's the point in trying to prevent what we know will happen? Let yourself live. Don't be afraid to be involved.

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